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PowerFX Acid Wav AiRISO 8合一 合輯版(音頻素材)(DVD版)

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PowerFX Acid Wav AiRISO 8合一 合輯版(音頻素材)(DVD版)
PowerFX Acid Wav AiRISO 8合一 合輯版(音頻素材)(DVD版)



The ultimate contemporary dance resource for ACID
This specially created collection is
ideal for making the hippest dance tracks or as
the ultimate dance remix toolbox. It contains
everything from bombastic beats and basslines
to potent pads, patches and FX loops. If dance
music is your thing, then you need to have Clubotica.

Electro Breaks is the freshest collection of samples
for Breakbeat, Electro and Breaks producers
worldwide, with an eclectic selection of royalty free
loops and samples created exclusively for

Electro Breaks is a serious production tool for
people looking for a truly inspirational collection
of samples to mix into their tracks. Including
hundreds of new Breakbeat and electro drumloops and
breaks, heavy basslines, twisted textures, resonant
synths,, atmospheric pads, keys, Sfx ,hits, kits and

Whether you are looking to make Mylo inspired
Electro House, or Heavier Breaks material like Tayo,
TPower, Freq Nasty or Adam Freeland, Electro Breaks
has a huge palette of cutting edge underground
breaks and samples for you to get funky with.

A Neo-Retro combination of classic Vocoder & Electro
style beats & bass as well as modern synth & FX one
shots. Apple Disc Jams are low priced, full length
CD-ROMs that are pre-formatted in Acidized wav
format. The loops can be used in any application that
reads the wav file format. Users of applications that
read the Acid file format will enjoy enhanced
compatibility in the form of key & tempo
manipulation. Each title is dedicated to a different
musical style. Here's what you get with Electro
Clashmatic: Bass Drumloops FX loops Pads Synths

Take a step back to an innovative period in music
history with The Electro Jazz Retro Funk Thing.
This CD contains a wide range of vintage instruments
(such as Wurlitzer & Rhodes pianos) as well as a
plethora of slammin' drum loops, colorful effects
loops and much more. In addition to offering
convenient construction kits, there's a huge variety
of tasty Wurlitzer & Rhodes chords that make it easy
to get that classic Jazz sound into your project.
Also featured are Clavinet loops, vintage synth
string and analog pads and drum and cymbal hits to
make this CD the ideal! It's a great source of
sounds for anyone looking to add authentic Retro or
Electro Jazz flavor reminiscent of the sound made
famous by the likes of the Headhunters and Herbie
Hancock. It's the bomb!
Glitches, pops, stutters, and all manner of chemical
electro samples and loops are the mainstay of this
truly inspired and original sample collection.
Featuring the processed buzzes, clicks, pops and
crackles from Jerzy Korzen? studio in Poland, he
has created a brilliantly unique collection of loops
and ultra responsive drumkit patches that will have
producers from all musical genres reaching for the
record button.

300 completely dry audio recordings of the TB-303. 30
different patterns in 70 ?160 bpm. Here you will
find both powerful base lines and long tweaking
sessions of this cult synth.

Beats for demo only. On this CD you will find 30
patterns each recorded in 10 different tempos, reason
being you might not just want to produce fast techno
tracks but also have the possibility to create some
slower tunes as well. Time stretching is an awesome
technique and the algorithms nowadays have reached
overwhelming quality but it cannot perform miracles
and trying to stretch a recording in 130 bpm down to
80 bpm would not sound very realistic (although with
this CD you do have that option as well). All
patterns are recorded in 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120,
130, 140, 150 and 160 bpm.

The TB-303 is most famous for its unique sound while
turning the filter knobs (Can be heard on, what?蘠br> considered to be the first acid tune, ?Rcid Tracks?
by Phuture) and even though this is a nice CD it is
still just a collection of audio recordings and you
do not have the option of tweaking yourself. To make
this collection as flexible as possible I have tried
to record in such ways that you can use different
parts of a recording for different parts of a song.
E.g. if a pattern is based on a 16-bar recording, the
first 4 might be a plain bass, the following 4 with
the cutoff filter opening and the last 8 are tweaking
the filters. This will provide the tools for a
classic acid build-up and cliMax. All patterns are
recorded differently and some use that structure in
the example above while others are only the tweaking
part and some are only recorded without touching the
knobs for a few bars ?it depends on the style of the
pattern and some patterns are simply not suitable for
any ?tweaking orgy?

Another famous sound of the TB-303 is the distorted
sound that can be heard in the harder and modern
developments of acid, e.g. DJ Misjah? ?Keep Your
Love? or ?Everybody needs a 303?by Fatboy Slim. I
have not included any distorted audio samples on this
CD as you can easily apply it on any pattern you want
with your own favorite distortion effects.

All audio files are recorded in wave format, 44.1
kHz, 24 bits mono and are normalized to -0.2 db. They
are then converted to 16 bit 44.1 kHz. The recordings
are all in mono because the TB-303 only has a mono
output and converting these recordings into stereo
would have taken twice as much space on this CD. None
of the recordings have been processed with effects,
compressors or mastered in anyway ?only normalized.
There has not been any post processing using noise
reduction or EQ, although I have tried to keep the
noise level to a minimum during recording. The goal
has been to give you as raw recordings as possible to
use the way YOU want.

On all audio files I have also included a header to
let the audio production tool know what tempo that
has been used and for how many bars. Please
understand that your audio production tool of choice
must be able to automatically discover this. If not,
don't worry. Each file has been named with the proper
tempo it was recording in, e.g. ?Pattern_03_110.wav?
was recorded in 110 bpm.

No Emulators, No Clones, No Bullshit

What do you get when you cross Ian Boddy, veteran
sound designer and analogue synth pioneer, with a
Sample Magic brief to "push the boat out as far as
you can"? Transmission-X - a journey to the outer
reaches of sonic possibility, using the finest
vintage analogue synths, the warmest signal
processors, the dirtiest distortions and the largest
arsenal of audio toys yet assembled. With samples and
loops grouped at 100bpm, 125bpm and 140bpm, this
collection will serve not just musicians and
producers across various genres, but the sounds also
slot neatly into film scores, foley edits, post
production and much more. With Transmission-X the
possibilties are truly limitless.

What's in the collection?

Percussive loops: Banks of twisted analogue glitches,
other-wordly grooves and rhythms.

Textures: Beautiful soundscapes and atmospheric

Transmissions: Unique vocal sequences, radio pick-ups
and bit-glitched squeals programmed using the most
cutting-edge sound manipulation software.

Synth lines: 100s of timeless arpeggios, dirt-infused
runs and acid soaked squelches all laden with
characteristic analogue warmth.

Numerous hits, bleeps and sweeps to take your
creative project to another dimenson.